Valentina - Floral Designs and Gifts

Agapanthus:                                         Love Letters, Love

Antherium:                                           Lover

Bird Of Paradise:                                  Magnificence

Bouvardia:                                            Enthusiasm

Camellia Pink:                                      Longing For You

Camellia Red:                                       You're A Flame In My Heart

Camellia White:                                    You're Adorable

Chrysanthemum Red:                            I Love

Chrysanthemum White:                          Loyal Love

Gardenia:                                              Secret Love, Sweet Love

Jonquil:                                                 Love Me, Affection Returned

Lavender:                                              Devotion

Lily Orange:                                          Flame, I Burn For You

Orchid:                                                 Rare Beauty, Love

Primrose:                                              I Can't Live Without You

Ranunculus:                                          You Are Radiant With Charm

Tulip:                                                    Perfect Lover

Tulip Red:                                             Believe Me, Declaration Of Love

Tulip Yellow:                                         Hopeless Love, There's Sunshine In Your Smile

Roses - Symbolise Beauty, Love, Passion, Perfection.

A Single Bloom Of Red Rose:              Love At First Sight Or "I Still Love U"

3 Roses:                                               “I Love U”

7 Roses:                                               “I'm Infatuated With U”

12 Roses:                                             “Be Mine!”

21 Roses:                                             “I'm Dedicated To U”

24 Roses:                                             “Forever Yours”

36 Roses:                                           “Reminiscing Our Romantic Moments”                                                                               

50 Roses:                                             “Unconditional Love”

99 Roses:                                             “I Will Love You Forever”

108 Roses:                                            “Will U Marry Me?”

999 Roses:                                            “I Love U Till The End Of Time”

Allow us to create a perfect floral selection for a perfect partner…

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